Specialty Construction

Specialty Construction

We've worked on over 300 projects in 25+ states across the country. We're experts in complex and thought-provoking projects that range from bridges, pond construction and lining, stream and water features, cart path removal and installation, and even a chilled trout stream in Texas. Knowledge, experience, and having the thought process to involve the “right people” into your project is our specialty.

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Our Specialty Construction Services

Cart Paths

We perform new installations of concrete cart paths, partial or full renovation of existing paths, or replacement panels where needed. We have an experience crew of concrete finishers including our own delivery trucks to get concrete where and needed for your project.

golf course cart path construction with vm golf services in houston, tx
bridge construction by vm golf services


We specialize in performing a variety of sizes and shapes of walk, cart, and equipment bridges made from timber, steel, and even concrete.  Let us know how we can perform and as well provide engineering services for this specialty item at your facility.

Lake Liners

We have performed a number of lake construction projects along with either clay liners or most recently, using the latest RPE (reinforced polyethylene) for your project.  This can be quickly and conveniently within your golf or park project.  Let us know how we can help you with your needs.

vm golf services lake lining project

More Specialty Construction Services


Beds, trees, water features, green spaces, integrated putting greens

Earth Moving

Hardscaping - Paths, rock features, walls, gathering places Environmental - Xeriscaping, water conservation, native salvage/revegetation


Drainage systems designed by experienced industry professionals


Grading of your property should be the first step prior to any landscape items being installed. Make sure you & your landscaper have a clear understanding of how your property will be graded to direct storm runoff away from property


Shaping projects is the second step of bringing a golf course to life. They are the ones who take the designs or plans from the architect and bring them into full realization.